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Solve Business Remote Support

If you’re on a call with one of our support staff you may be asked to click the “get support” button below.

Clicking the Get Support button above will download a run once Support tool (SolveSuppt.exe).

Please run the SolveSuppt.exe tool on your computer while speaking to our team to receive support.

For your security: Our support experience is limited to this single session and there’s nothing installed so after the remote session ends there’s nothing left running on your device.

When finished you are also free to delete the SolveSuppt.exe file that downloaded. If we need another session it will download a new copy.

Your Business IT is now Simpler, it’s a Managed Service with a Fixed Fee.

The headaches are gone, now you can focus on delivering your products and services securely and reliably without having to worry about your IT.

We mitigate your business IT risks through intelligent use of the cloud.

You are SAFER and more Compliant in a well-managed Cloud system than on premise and you your data is more accessible by your authorised people and you are able to keep up with your competitors, most of whom are also leveraging the cloud to provide more avenues for growth and agility.

With our Solve365 packages we focus on providing Businesses with Secure, Intelligent, Managed Technology Solutions reducing risk and increasing profits. These improvements to business continuity, security, and Systems combine with the Professional Management of your technology to create momentum and flow and give you an edge. We focus on delivering a cohesive approach and great outcomes for our customers.

At Solve Business Services we are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a Cloud First focus. We embrace the Cloud with Managed Service delivery and for our clients this means:

  • Simple, predictable monthly fees
  • Less expensive hardware to manage with more services in the cloud
  • Less surprises
  • Improved Business Continuity and less Disasters
  • Improved Compliance, reduced business risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership, it’s cheaper to deliver than on premise
  • they can focus on delivery of their products and services rather than worrying about IT hassles or messy systems.
IT Service Desk
Solve Business Managed Services runs a Service Desk for our valued customers.

The Service Desk is open 24 x 7 and records service requests to ensure none are missed and everyone is kept in the loop with progress.

Client Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Email our Service Desk

Solve Business Managed Services customers have a partner in Solve Business Services.

We are like your virtual IT department, available for you without the expense of hiring a full time IT crew.

Solve Business Managed Services customers have us on their side.

We work with your business to get you the right deals, negotiate on your behalf where appropriate and work with your business to formulate strategic IT plans to ensure your IT stays in step with your business direction.

We offer a broad range of business networking equipment along with customised hardware and software solutions to meet any requirement.
Solve Business Managed Services customers reap the benefit of the correct licensing for their business, it’s simple and manageable with the costs included in monthly agreements.

There are real efficiencies and measurable benefits to having all your staff use the same, up to date versions of the core business tools you need day to day.

Your business grows, no problem we simply adjust your package and the licenses are there for you.

Reach out to see how smarter licensing can benefit your business.