IT as a Managed Service

Managed Services are about delivering Outcomes to your business.

In a dynamic business world the way we conduct business is changing. The need to be connected anytime, anywhere, the advent of Cloud and IoT along with service driven models and an increasingly mobile workforce are all shifting how businesses consume and view technology, its changing how you deliver your products and services to your customers too.

Modern businesses are Outcome driven, the tools no longer matter, it’s the Outcome that is required.

At Solve Business Services we focus on the Outcomes your business demands. We recognise modern businesses are Outcome driven and the tools you use (this vs that) are less relevant, it’s delivering excellent outcomes that matters. We are constantly evolving what we do and how we engage to ensure the systems and services we offer deliver these Outcomes consistently in a way that makes sense for your business.

As your business evolves, the need to respond dynamically and offer relevant tools to your teams becomes critical and increasingly employees are expecting their business to be using the tools they perceive as valuable, we are here to help with this and to help you work with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD can be tricky, staff may want their own tablet or device at work, especially if ‘work’ isn’t providing them the right tools. BYOD is not necessarily a big deal but it does need managing and increasingly BYOD needs securing for the protection of the business.

The old style break fix service model doesn’t cut it anymore and Managed Services are what’s required to manage the delivery of the Services you need to run your business.

At Solve Business Services we are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that embraces the Cloud. Managed Service delivery means:

  • a simple monthly fee for routine IT services
  • less hardware to manage with more services in the cloud
  • 24×7 monitoring of systems, so less surprises
  • Improved Business Continuity and less Disasters
  • Improved Compliance, less business risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • more time to concentrate on your core business

For Our Valued Clients our Service Desk is here: ServiceDesk

Solve Business Managed Services runs a Service Desk for our valued customers.

The Service Desk is open 24 x 7 and records service requests to ensure none are missed and everyone is kept in the loop with progress.

Solve Business Managed Services customers have a partner in Solve Business Services.

We are like your virtual IT department, available for you without the expense of hiring a full time IT crew.

Solve Business Managed Services customers have us on their side.

We work with your business to get you the right deals, negotiate on your behalf where appropriate and work with your business to formulate strategic IT plans to ensure your IT stays in step with your business direction.

We offer a broad range of business networking equipment along with customised hardware and software solutions to meet any requirement.
Solve Business Managed Services customers reap the benefit of the correct licensing for their business, it’s simple and manageable with the costs included in monthly agreements.

There are real efficiencies and measurable benefits to having all your staff use the same, up to date versions of the core business tools you need day to day.

Your business grows, no problem we simply adjust your package and the licenses are there for you.

Reach out to see how smarter licensing can benefit your business.