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Daily Safety Check: Email Forwarding

A Premium Policy that checks Customer Mailboxes for Email Forwards

This page was updated on October 21, 2018, our master terms and conditions apply to all services provided

We will perform an automated daily safety check on the Customer’s Office 365 Tenant to check for the existence of email forwarding at the mailbox level.

We will alert the customer to any mailbox level forwarding when discovered so as to make the customer aware that they have emails being automatically being forward to external addresses.

We can then work with the customer to take steps to prevent this forwarding from continuing as automatic forwarding of emails is not recommended as it breaches many best practice guidelines and regulations.

Why Check for Email Forwards ?

In these days of data breaches, phishing and hacking many businesses expect that the first thing a hacker would do with a compromised account is malicious damage.

This is no longer true, it’s becoming more common that a compromised account will be used to monitor the behavior of the business, to see who ‘talks’ to who and get a feel for how people within the business communicate, language used and the like. Armed with such knowledge they can then target users within the organisation with more convincing Phishing attacks and scams like requests to pay fake invoices and the like.

Our advanced checking for email forwards strengthens & protects your business by improving your visibility of these forwards.