Managed Business Cloud

We provide and manage your Cloud File Server, Hosted Email, Cloud Backups, VOIP Phones and a range of other systems.

Business Cloud is tailored for your business using proven, reliable and importantly SECURE platforms.
With channel partners provide excellent support.

IT Security done well is multi layered, and integrated into not only computers and servers but also into business systems and staff culture.

To be effective it must be unobtrusive and not so in your face that it makes doing business more difficult than it has to be but at the same time you need the reassurance that it’s there and that it’s Managed and Patched and Current. You also need to know that it’s fit for purpose.

Your IT Security is like an insurance policy. It not only protects your business from malicious intentional hacking and other threats but also from accidental data loss too. Security is not a thing you buy, it’s a system that combines elements like Firewalls, Antivirus, Policies and Procedures and staff education and critically also backups.

Reach out for a consultation, we use and recommend world class systems and tools to protect our clients.

Most small businesses have never enjoyed the benefits of a good firewall, choosing instead to use the devices supplied by their ISP.

Our recommended Firewalls improve internet performance, security and offer flexibility along with advanced management and reporting with excellent support.

  • Higher throughput is achieved through appropriately sizing the unit to ensure it has enough CPU, Memory and Interfaces to support your business now and into the foreseeable future.
  • Security is enhanced with web content filtering, sandboxing, geo-location based rules, Intrusion Prevention, network rules and segmentation and by monitoring the health of the devices within the network.
  • Flexible Configuration means the firewall can manage several networks, segment your guest WIFI from the Office WIFI and keep guest machines isolated from your corporate network preventing them snooping or dropping dangerous malware on your network.
  • Advanced Management – your firewall sync’s back to a central dashboard allowing our team to keep an eye on the managed firewalls and proactively action things should they need attention.
  • Support Team – if required we can call the vendors support in to remotely assist with advanced threats or queries, they run a follow the sun 24 x 7 support system.
Set and forget backups… It doesn’t happen that way but you can take these of your to do list with Solve Business Backup Services.

We harness the power of the cloud to set you free from the day to day worry. No more forgetting to change the tape or disk, no more reminding your staff to change it. Leave it to us, we will run your backups for you. Sending your backups to the cloud using Solve Business Managed Online Backup gives you these critical advantages:

  1. Humans are out of the loop so there’s no scope for someone to forget to change a tape or swap a disk
  2. The backups happen periodically throughout the day so your data is protected more often
  3. The backups are encrypted and secure
  4. We can easily test the backups
  5. The system reports to us and we manage it for you, alerting you to any issues but it’s checked regularly.

Ask us about our backup systems, we welcome your inquiry.

Our Secure Hosted Email Systems provide unlimited mailboxes protected by Cloud Anti-virus & Anti-spam engines, full message queuing, an Outbound Filter AND we also provide Message Continuity/DR webmail and 90 days of rolling archive along with MAILBOX BACKUP several times daily.

If you have Data Sovereignty concerns then you will be pleased to know our preferred platform also hosts all your email here in Australia.

These features combined with our managed services and Australian based support and it becomes a compelling offering.

Reach out to see how Secure Email can benefit your business.

Consider this; you would not allow any random stranger to walk into your business and insert files and data into your business systems so why allow them to do it to your business email systems ? We keep the bad stuff out so you can focus on the important emails that matter to your business.

Our Secure Hosted Email Systems are protected by multiple Anti-virus & Anti-spam engines!

Reach out to see how our Cloud Mail Filter can benefit your business.

Our Managed Clients get our Advanced Monitoring Agent on their computers with it’s integrated Take Control system we can remotely assist you but it does so much more including monitoring your memory use, disk space, disk health, antivirus updates and backups. It even provides detailed inventory reports showing machine serial numbers and installed software.

Ask us about our truely streamlined support

Solve Business Services are in the Internet Business too.

We know what business needs, what’s important with internet and it’s about reliability, performance, value and keeping you in the loop.

We deal with premium partners to deliver the solution that makes sense to your business and have the ability to deliver:

  • ADSL
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Fibre
  • NBN
  • Ethernet over Copper (EFM)
  • MPLS networks
  • 4G Business Cellular

All plans come in a range of speeds and capacities designed to suit your needs. We can design the solution to provide redundant links and automated fail-over and recover-back options.

Managed Firewalls ? yes we can arrange these.

We can arrange and manage everything from proposal right through to cabling, install and commissioning. It’s a service from Solve so you can relax and let us take care of it for you.

After commissioning we will continue to work for you in the background with active monitoring and alerts.

 VOIP – Voice Over IP or IP Phone Systems…

VOIP can be everything from Skype style solutions to Complete IP Phone Systems.

Solve Business Services can provide you a tailored solution, managed for you so you can use it as you want without the headache of dealing with a 3rd party.

Our VOIP systems are complete replacement for your regular office PABX/PBX or PSTN phone systems.

Set yourself free from inefficient, expensive systems and let our Managed VOIP streamline your business systems and add flexibility.

With Solve Business VOIP we can easily spread your office phone systems across different offices or even home offices, build in intelligent call flows and routing and deliver voicemails to your email/smartphone.

We also have an app that runs on your iPhone, now with this and our other cloud systems you really can work from anywhere!

Solve Business manages your VOIP Systems too so you don’t have to call the telco’s anymore, a simple ticket to our service desk or a quick call to our support team and you are done.

Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can Solve your communications needs.