Work Hassle Free & Securely
… from Anywhere

Cloud Systems bring not only the flexibility to work from home or anywhere but they bring Collaboration, File Storage, Email, Backups and a range of other systems including telephony to your business in an easy to use, integrated environment that’s tailored for your business using proven, reliable and importantly SECURE platforms.

With Solve Business Services your IT is now Simpler, it’s a Managed Service with a Fixed Fee.

The headaches are gone, now you can focus on delivering your products and services securely and reliably without having to worry about your IT.

We mitigate your business IT risks through intelligent use of the cloud making you SAFER and more Compliant in a well-managed Cloud system, far safer than you can be on premise. All this and your data is more accessible by your team and you are then able to keep up with your competitors, most of whom are also leveraging the cloud to provide more avenues for growth and agility.

With our Solve365 packages we focus on providing Businesses with Secure, Intelligent, Managed Technology Solutions that reduce your risk and increase your profit. These improvements to business continuity, security, and Systems combine with Professional Management create momentum and flow and give you an edge. We focus on delivering a cohesive approach and great outcomes for our customers.

At Solve Business Services we are your Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a Cloud First focus. We embrace the Cloud with Managed Service delivery and for our clients this means:

  • Simple, predictable monthly fees with fewer surprises
  • Less expensive hardware to manage with more services in the cloud
  • Improved Business Continuity and less Disasters
  • Improved Compliance, reduced business risk
  • Lower total cost of ownership, it’s cheaper to deliver than on premise.

Bringing all this to the table allows our customers to focus on delivery of their products and services rather than worrying about IT hassles or messy systems

Effective, Easy to Use Security is Essential to Your Success

Modern Threats demand modern thinking and approaches to security.

It’s no longer just about your antivirus, it’s now about layers and having security built into the building blocks of your business systems and workplace culture.

Security must be simple & seamless and not so in your face that it makes doing business overly difficult whilst remaining effective.

We won’t make you jump through too many hoops and we’ll be there to guide you along the way including helping you block 99.9% of account hacks by enabling 2FA Authentication for your Microsoft 365 and we can extend this further with Conditional Access, Advanced Threat Protection and more.

You run your business, we’ll maintain and monitor your security systems.

A Layered approach to your security involves many players and enhances your security posture.


Reach out for a consultation, we use and recommend world class systems and tools to protect our clients.

Email hosted in Exchange Online = Email done right!

Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides almost Unlimited Mailboxes and protects them with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Advanced Filtering to minimise spam, spoofing, phishing and other malware. Protection & Features may vary depending upon your license, we can assist you with this.

Your experience is consistently enhanced with common use of Outlook on PC/Mac computers, web and Outlook Mobile for both iOS and Android.


Reach out to see how Microsoft 365 Hosted Email can benefit your business.

SharePoint = Document Libraries (File Storage) & Collaboration

With SharePoint you can share and manage files, content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation.

SharePoint is the foundation repository for your Company’s Shared Data. It’s online, searchable and mobile friendly too.


More than 200,000 organizations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management.

Microsoft Teams; modern business collaboration gets things done!

When effective people combine in teams to collaborate they produce great results and outcomes.

Microsoft Teams facilitates this and even extends your Team’s reach to external consultants or contractors if you wish.

Microsoft Teams will bring your team together with Voice Calling, Video Meetings, Chat, Collaboration and File Sharing.

Teams will even send your recorded meetings into Microsoft Stream to have them transscribed so now all your meetings are text searchable!

We use Teams every day, and can streamline your business practices too.

OneDrive = YOUR Cloud Storage

While SharePoint is about Shared Company files and resources, OneDrive for Business is about YOUR private files and resources.

If you remember having a U drive or a H drive, or a network drive that was private to you in your previous IT environments then OneDrive for Business provides this but with greater flexibility.

With OneDrive for Business, lets just call it OneDrive, YOU can access, share, and collaborate on all YOUR files from anywhere on Any Device.

So while OneDrive is private to you it doesn’t stop you from collaborating or sharing files and folders from your OneDrive to your team or even external contractors or contacts.

If you need to share externally then we will secure that for you too, as a Solve Business customer we will implement systems to secure your external sharing for your protection.

Yammer – think a Private, Social Media Hub for Your Business

Yammer is like your very own Corporate Facebook and as such it’s a familiar system that most staff already know. Anyone who’s used Facebook or LinkedIn will already be familiar with posting comment or ideas and liking other posts so build on these existing skills to empower your business with Yammer.

Yammer lets staff communicate openly, creating stronger relationships while the business benefits from increased sharing of best practices and ideas. This creates momentum and flow and builds on a sense of belonging and community which leads to increased staff retention and satisfaction and happiness.

Open and dynamic communication improves engagement with everyone in your business and keeps everyone informed, aligned, and moving forward.

Bringing people together around shared topics, interests, or areas of practice gives everyone a voice and surfaces ideas and points of view you may otherwise not see.

Best of all it’s part of Microsoft 365 and costs nothing!

OneNote, YOUR Digital Notebook

OneNote is always with you and works on Any Device, Anywhere!

OneNote is often forgotten but it’s a very powerful tool and it’s already in your pocket and it’s searchable.

Search makes OneNote the most powerful digital notebook you’ve ever had.

OneNote is Ink Aware so if you have an iPad with PEN or a PC supporting Ink and Pen with a touch screen like the Microsoft Surfaces/SurfaceBooks or other numerous devices then you’re able to draw on your notes as you would with a pen and paper.

You can also run multiple notebooks and divide each into sections and pages. We use it every day and enjoy the power that comes with easy navigation and search.

Real Power comes if you choose to share a notebook with your team:

  • think of the power of having your corporate standards or how to guides in the pocket of every staff member…
  • think of the value of sharing your ideas or tools to others, you could even monetise this and charge a fee to access certain knowledge or ideas

Best of all, OneNote is FREE, Secure and Included with Microsoft 365!

Backup, Every Business needs Data/Email Backup.

We make backup easy by doing it at the cloud level and removing the need for human intervention so while backups are a constant source of hassles for most you can relax if we are backing up your data.

We harness the power of the cloud to set you free from the day to day worry. No more forgetting to change the tape or disk, no more reminding your staff to change it.

Leave it to us, we will run your backups for you. Sending your backups to the cloud using Online Backup gives you these critical advantages:

  1. Humans are out of the loop so there’s no scope for someone to forget to change a tape or swap a disk
  2. The backups happen periodically throughout the day so your data is protected more often
  3. The backups are encrypted and secure
  4. We can easily test the backups
  5. The system reports to us and we manage it for you, alerting you to any issues but it’s checked regularly
  6. Even your client computers are backed up, not just the servers so if you lose a device don’t worry your data will be there on the replacement device and until you get the new device you can access your data on any other device just as securely. Work Securly Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device!

Ask us about our backup, we welcome your inquiry.