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Office 365 License Comparison

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Office 365 Licensing Explained Office 365 Plans Compared in plain language. Here’s our Office 365 licensing quick reference guide; a guide to which license is best for your business. We’ll…

Thinking about an EOFY Asset Purchase ?

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EOFY Asset Writedown… Why this post: because if you need hardware then now might be a good time to buy it and I want to take this opportunity to offer…

New to Windows 10 – CHROMIUM Browser

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Meet Chromium, the new Edge browser replacement We’re staying ahead of the curve for you and testing the early releases of the CHROMIUM Browser that Microsoft are hoping will be…

To-Do – Task Management made EASY!

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If you are struggling with endless lists and pieces of paper and sticky notes then here’s a solution for you. Microsoft To-Do is now integrated with Outlook Tasks and Flags!…

Stream – Office 365’s FREE Video Platform

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Important Office 365 Updates for Stream Video Service Video has become the preferred way people consume and learn and almost every Office 365 Business customer has a great solution built…

Prevent Data Breaches – Office365 Data Loss Prevention

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Solve Business Services – EXPERTS with Data Loss Prevention. DLP Protects YOUR Business Reputation, Data and the YOUR customers Data. DLP strengthens your defenses against Notifiable Data Breaches If you…

OneDrive for Business vs Google’s Drive

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Microsoft’s Business Cloud vs Google… This article discusses very briefly why we recommend OneDrive for Business over Google’s Drive or G-Drive as some call it. Firstly, OneDrive for Business is…

Office365 MFA Setup

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Secure your Office365 Use MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) These days there are a number of threats out there targeting the username and password of our accounts, even your staff’s accounts and…

Microsoft Forms & GDPR

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Announcement – FORMS is GDPR Compliant Sep 11, 2018 Anqi Du, Program Manager at Microsoft, reminds us from her a Microsoft Forms Blog that Microsoft Forms IS GDPR Compliant. This…

Still Running Windows7 ?

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Time to retire Windows 7 The world is a very different place now compared to July 2009 when Microsoft released Windows 7. In the same month Microsoft released Windows 7, Apple released…

MYOB Classic 19.x

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MYOB CLASSIC is End Of Life MYOB have announced publicly that they are ending support for their CLASSIC products, this means the AccountRight Classic (v19) suite of products. Here’s the…

Powerful FORMS

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Leverage Office365 tools – FORMS Part 1 of 2 – Building a form Microsoft Forms is a great tool that easily creates surveys and collects the data and then presents…

OneNote – WOW

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UPDATE for March 2019 Microsoft are no longer developing new features for OneNote 2016. So if you want to take advantage of the latest that OneNote has to offer, consider…

OneDrive – Files on Demand

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Feature Explained – OneDrive Files on Demand Files on Demand is a OneDrive Sync technology that greatly improves the efficiency of cloud synchronisation. Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneDrive both allow cloud…

Office365 & Your Data

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Where is YOUR Office365 Data ? Microsoft publish a site to show you where your data lives, it’s never a secret so you can check where your Office 365 data resides…

Microsoft Announce: AntiSpoofing Protection for ALL Exchange Online

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Anti-spoofing Protection being rolled to ALL Exchange Online Organisations Microsoft just announced they are extending coverage of enhanced anti-spoofing protection to all Exchange Online organisations Major update: General Availability rollout…

OneDrive – KFM

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New Feature: Known Folder Move (KFM) Microsoft are bringing yet more value to your Office 365 suite and adding KFM to OneDrive. [It’s a progressive rollout and at the time…

Microsoft Whiteboard (NEW)

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Introducing the Microsoft Whiteboard This is an exciting new way to collaborate, it’s here now for Windows 10 and “coming soon” for iOS devices.

Blogging – Should we ?

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I found this very interesting take on Blogging, 1 min 37 seconds well spent!

Office365 Branded Tenant

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Office365 Security: Branded Tenants & MFA This Post falls into the category of Important and Urgent. Your credentials are the key to your online security, they open the door to…

Office365 App Notifications

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Office Notifications – Don’t ignore these From time to time Microsoft’s Office App’s will alert you with a notice across the top of the application advising they need something from…

Office365 Update for: August 2018

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Welcome to the August 2018 update for Office365. Jim Naroski presents the latest update. This update covers: Microsoft Whiteboard, OneDrive, My Analytics Nudges, Kaizala, Power BI, Live Events and Workplace Analytics….

Best Practice – Password Expiry

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Get Secure – Don’t Expire Passwords For years IT admins have required users to change their passwords every now and then. RESET – re-think, there’s a better way! We’ve seen…

Docx vs Doc

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Microsoft Office Document Formats If you use Office in your business then this is important knowledge especially if you use cloud services. In 2007 Microsoft introduced their new (“Office Open…

HTTP vs HTTPS – Why it matters

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we found this video that explaines the HTTP vs HTTPS thing in plain English and explains why you should care.

Microsoft ATP – Safe Links

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Safe Links is a component of Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection. ATP Safe Links can help protect your organization by providing time-of-click verification of web addresses (URLs) in email messages and…

Quick TIP – Check your email for “spammyness”

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Ok, so you’re sending emails and start seeing a high number bouncing or not getting through… Customers say, “I didn’t get your email” but later find it in their Junk…

A moment for security protecting your online activities this season…

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So it’s Christmas or New Year and we are all running about being busy…. Please STOP, take a moment to consider your devices and your security for the holiday period….

Solve Securing Your Business with Sophos XG

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Sophos XG Firewalls improve internet performance and enhance business security; they close the loop on the bad guys and protect every device behind the firewall. XG Firewall Key Points  XG…

HTTPS – Secure or NOT ?

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HTTPS – Secure or NOT ? We’re told to look for the little padlock, the symbol of a HTTPS, ‘secure’ connection…. Many are under the illusion that if they see…

Travel Tips

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Travel Tips Taking a break this festive season, time to brush up on your tech security. The bad guys don’t wait until they travel, they are refining their attacks and…

Spotting a Fake email ?

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Spotting a Fake Email We hear about dodgy emails, email phishing all the time. We all need to be vigilant and on the look out for them. Even the best…

Notifiable Data Breach

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Mandatory Data Breach Reporting begins from 22 February 2018 you want to NOT be in the press for an NDB incident! Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 passed Feb…

Prepare for Christmas

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Get secure against festive threats, it’s the season for hacking! Every year millions of threats and spam messages are sent out, some are simple and easily spotted but others are…

Staff Training – The HUMAN element of Security

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Your Staff are the key to your business Security We are on the front foot about business security but great technology is not enough on it’s own. Securing your business…

Password Management

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Best Practices in Password Management We all need passwords, even those who don’t want them are forced into having them. The problem is we all have so many that the…

MFA/2FA – YES You Should!

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2FA is Two Factor Authentication / MFA is Multi Factor Authentication. Obsolutely, you should – It’s not hard and you don’t need be an IT genius. These days your Identity is…

Work Anywhere

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Work anywhere, Solve Business can free you from your office and show you how to be effective anywhere.

Solve Business Services Secures another business!

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Solve Business and Sophos Secure another Business, closing the loop on Ransomware and other threats for a Braeside manufacturer using Sophos technologies and user education. November, 2017