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Office365 Value Pack

New to Office365? Lost in Office365?
Want YOUR Office365 working the way it should?
Office365 Setup, Managed, Productivity Up – sorted
Professional, self-paced training also included!

Our Office365 Value Pack will get you setup correctly, increase your profits and keep you trained and up to date with the latest from Microsoft’s Office365 cloud so you can maximise your return and be more effective.

Even train your Virtual Assistants & staff – use our online training to improve their skills, drive better outcomes and increase your profit!

Microsoft Office 365 Management including:

  • Email management
    • User adds/moves/redirect/rename
  • Standardised Policies
    • Our standard policies bring best practices to every business
    • Consistent outcomes
  • Microsoft Teams
    • We’ll build you two Teams; an internal team and one open to externals for collaboration
    • We’ll create up to 3 Channels for each team, each with a WIKI, File Library and collaboration.

Unlimited Office365 Backup for email, Teams and SharePoint Online

Backup is important, even for your Cloud Data and our solution keeps your cloud data backed up no matter how much data you have.

Rest assured if you put data in Office365’s  Exchange Online, OneDrive, OneNote and SharePoint Online then we’ve got you covered.

Your Unlimited Office365 Backup has:

  • Point in Time Backups: Backups include daily snapshots of each users data, allowing restore of user’s data at a specific point in time and enhancing ransomware protection by facilitating the restoration of entire accounts to a designated point in time before an attack occurred.
  • 3X/day backup: Rest easy with automatic daily backups for Office 365’s Exchange Online, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint Online.
  • On-demand backup: We can perform additional backups as needed at any time. Running an on-demand backup will not affect your three regularly scheduled backups.
  • Backup notifications: Our dashboard provides at a glance summary of your backup success.
  • Infinite Retention: Unlimited Backup, your Cloud backup is purpose-built and has no additional fees based on storage.
  • 24/7 Tech Support: For times when it’s required our 2nd level engineers can be called in 24×7 providing support when organizations need them most.

Office365 Training

If you can’t use the tools then you miss out on the benefits and if you don’t know what you have then you won’t know your options, this often leads to unnecessary costs in other areas.

We have dedicated training courses, always updated and current for you and your team with guided learning tracks for Microsoft Office365 compiled out of 100’s of short training videos with assessments so you can test and check your knowledge as you go.


Ever feel like your call for support gets lost somewhere? Worry no more!

We run a professional Service Desk to make sure NOTHING gets lost or forgotten so we won’t let you down. You can log support requests 24×7

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