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Client Notifiable Alerts

These alerts may be updated as info comes to hand, they're presented for your convenience and to facilitate easy messaging.

The alerts on this page are those that we have broadcast to our user base from time to time. Such broadcasts will usually take the form of SMS or email.

We will do our best to update these alerts as we gather more knowledge about them but we make no promise to address these in real time as these are not populated by automated “feeds” from sources, they are manually updated.

Please also note that we will not re-post every alert or blip that we see across the IT landscape, these are simply the MAJOR issues we’ve already notified customers about.

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8/10/2020M365_SUITEMO223756Final status: (from MSFT) We've validated that the service has recovered. We'll continue to provide updates on the admin center impact under MO223787.
Scope of impact: Any user who was attempting to access the impacted services could have been impacted by this event.
Start time: Thursday, October 8, 2020, 5:10 AM (10/7/2020, 6:10 PM UTC)
End time: Thursday, October 8, 2020, 8:45 AM (10/7/2020, 9:45 PM UTC)
@12:00PM - I can confirm that I have been working in the following all morning without seeing any impact of the issues reported: Teams, Teams Calling (phone system), Email (Outlook and Web), SharePoint, ODFB along with various Azure security portals and general Office documents.
MSFT say that things are recovering but I think we are mostly fine based on this morning's experiences.

@07:30 this morning
We are aware that Microsoft are investigating issues with Microsoft 365 suite
:Start time: October 8, 2020 5:44 AM
As at: October 8, 2020 7:16 AM
:Status: Service degradation
:User impact: Users may be unable to access Microsoft 365 services.
:More info: Users may see impact to the following Microsoft 365 services:
- SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business - Services are healthy
- Microsoft Teams - Services are healthy
- Microsoft Forms - Services are healthy
- Microsoft Intune - Services are recovering
- Exchange Online - Services are recovering
- - Services are recovering
:Scope of impact: Any user who is attempting to access the impacted services could be impacted by this event.
:Root cause: A change to network infrastructure caused impact within Microsoft 365 services including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms, and
issues impactING how Outlook Desktop App interacts with Exchange
IF your staff have issues with Outlook Desktop App then you should advise them to use Outlook Online via as a work around.
29/9/2020M365_SUITEMO222965MOSTLY RESOLVED - Microsoft are still "INVESTIGATING"
This morning there was a widespread outage across all Microsoft platforms which appears to be getting back to normal now.
Please advise your staff that they might still see glitches as Microsoft complete the rest of their service restoration.
If you wish to follow direct on MSFT's site then is your best place.

I can confirm that as of 10:28am this morning we have tested Outlook Emails, Access to, Teams, Teams Calling (phones), Outlook Online, SharePoint and OneDrive.

If you continue to see issues then please restart your computer and retry your systems before creating a support ticket via email to Service Desk or via web form
2/08/2021MSFT_SUITEMO275009Microsoft Services Online and Working
This was False Alert caused by some of our largest ISPs having issues with network routing to Microsoft.
12/05/2021MSFT_EXOEX255650Ongoing, Resolution being applied - end user workaround is mobile apps or Outlook Online.
Microsoft have identified a resolution and are applying a patch which is expected to take 4 to 5 hours to complete (see details page - click link for more).
Issue - Outlook messages failing to display content (may be blank)...
Note: Outlook Online is always the master, what's there is all that counts, Outlook on desktop is merely a window into your Exchange Mailbox online...