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Microsoft 365 Suite Outage: MO275009

Update: 11:17am, 2/8/2021

Status: Closed – FALSE ALERT

Microsoft have confirmed their services are healthy and this was a false alert. This adds weight to our thinking that it was a result of network issues with some of our larger ISPs.

Update: 10:55am

This is now looking like a DNS or Internet Routing issue for mainly TPG related ISPs though Exetel, Harbour ISP, Vocus, Aussie Broadband, Vodafone, Optus, Internode, AAPT, iiNet, NBN, Telstra… are reported as being affected on Reddit

Microsoft’s Status page (you need to be an M365 Admin to hit it) doesn’t show anything real on our tenant and on the tenants of some clients that we checked.

My thoughts at this stage are that it’s localised to a few ISPs and if this is the case and if you are affected then consider hot spotting off a mobile until services return to normal for your ISP.


Emerging Issue as at 02/08/2021 10:12

Note:  If you are NOT having issues then we recommend against restarting your computer until more is known.

We are receiving reports from a range of signals this morning pointing to a widespread outage across all Microsoft platforms and it appears to be improving as we type this however Microsoft are “investigating” and more will become known later.

Please advise your staff that they may still see glitches as Microsoft complete the rest of their service restoration.

We expect services to be available though there may also be some performance degradation as traffic is re-routed around problem systems in Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure.

If ARE having issues and you continue to see issues and cannot sign in then please restart your computer and retry your systems. 

If restarting doesn’t help then you can a support ticket via email to our Service Desk if email is working for you or via web form


We are not planning to post further TEXT MESSAGE updates on this matter at this stage.
This is a manually updated page, Microsoft’s status updates won’t be reflected in real time, we will update this as we see MSFT status changes.
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