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New to Windows 10 – CHROMIUM Browser

Meet Chromium, the new Edge browser replacement

We’re staying ahead of the curve for you and testing the early releases of the CHROMIUM Browser that Microsoft are hoping will be the next big thing on their platform.

So far it’s fast and pretty stable and certainly the future looks bright for this browser but obviously it’s very early days for it.

The advantages will be coming from these main areas:

  • Open Source Community
  • Google’s Chrome base
  • Azure Active Directory integration and expected management features to make working with Office365 a breeze
  • Cross device synchronisation of settings and bookmarks
  • Support for common Extensions like Lastpass and many others

Here’s where it’s at for now:

Stay tuned, we’ll update you as things progress but here’s a taste of what’s coming soon:


If you want to try it on a TEST PC then you can download it here:

NOTE: We are not providing any support for this browser, if you put this on a machine then we won’t support that machine either as this release is Pre-Beta and not suitable for production computers. You are free to put it on your home PC or another PC that is not business critical and we’ve found it to not cause any issues thus far in our limited tests.

To be notified of further posts simply reach out to us and we’ll put you on the list.


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