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Important Office 365 Updates for Stream Video Service

Video has become the preferred way people consume and learn and almost every Office 365 Business customer has a great solution built into their platform, free, nothing extra to pay, no third party to integrate… Stream is here now and it works and you probably already have it but don’t know it.

Think of Stream in Office 365 as your private corporate ‘YouTube’ complete with channels and permissions.

This article introduces Stream and explores some potential uses and new capabilities to look for down the road.

Transcription Service

Stream will transcribe your video content once uploaded, now all your videos are searchable within Office (Rolling out now).

Consider training video’s or how to videos or even recordings of your Teams meetings after all Stream is where your Teams meeting recordings are saved to.

Record your Teams meeting to Stream, collect the transcript a few minutes later and you now have the meeting minutes done and in a format you can search, share and so on.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Stream

This important announcement from Microsoft last year broadens the user base for their powerful AI.

Stream now has face recognition so you can see where people speak in the video and speach to text and closed captions further extend Stream’s AI making it a compelling solution.


From Microsoft’s Roadmap:

As part of our commitment to empower people and organizations with AI solutions, we are expanding the availability of intelligence capabilities in Stream to additional Office 365 plans. The following Stream features will be automatically applied to new videos in your tenant: – Speaker timelines that use face detection to indicate every place that a person appears within a video so viewers can easily navigate to each speaker in the video – Speech-to-text and closed captions that capture spoken dialog in a readable form and make content more accessible for everyone – Transcript search and timecodes that let viewers quickly search and find moments that matter in a video Additionally, speech-to-text transcription that enables closed captions and deep search will be applied to existing videos in Stream. Beginning in November, these new capabilities will begin to roll out to the following Office 365 plans: • Enterprise E1 • Enterprise E3 • Firstline F1 • Education A1 • Education A3 • Business Premium • Business Essentials • Microsoft 365 Business

Featured ID: 43332
Added to Roadmap: 10/30/2018


Video interactivity with quizzes, polling and more

Bringing Video together with Forms make perfect sense and provides the business an awesome training tool.

Now you can run a webinar or video through stream and bring to it some a Q&A to validate the training or test the user’s knowledge. All this power built into Office 365 just proves the commitment Microsoft have to adding value and driving a truly integrated business solution.

From Microsoft’s Roadmap:

Planned for Release Feb 2019
Video interactivity with quizzes, polling and more
Add quizzes, polls and more to your Stream videos with a new integration with Microsoft Forms.

Featured ID: 34240
Added to Roadmap: 1/25/2019


Stream is widely available across Office 365 SMB versions:

Microsoft Stream is available by default in all Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business plans.

Public anonymous external video sharing

This is the big one. For now the Stream Video content is not accessible to those outside of your organisation however Microsoft are working to enable you to share to externals (planned for Q4 2019). This expands the possibilities; now your video content can surface up on your web site and social media and your polls and training can be used reach a much larger audience.

From Microsoft’s Roadmap:

Planned for Release Q4 2019
Allow individual videos in Microsoft Stream to be marked for external public access allowing the video to be embeded in a public website. Anyone in the world can view these external videos without a login. Stream admins will be able to control if this feature is enabled and who within the organization can make videos publicly available.

Featured ID: 27728
Added to Roadmap: 4/26/2018

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