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Prevent Data Breaches – Office365 Data Loss Prevention

Solve Business Services – EXPERTS with Data Loss Prevention.

DLP Protects YOUR Business Reputation, Data and the YOUR customers Data.

DLP strengthens your defenses against Notifiable Data Breaches

If you are concerned about Cloud Data Control this article is relevant to you.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) uses automation to assess your data data and determine which content is considered confidential, critical, or sensitive. These files are protected by restricting or blocking then from sharing or transmission. DLP allows us to identify Sensitive Information and Control and Limit it’s egress from your organisation, be it from Email or Cloud Storage.

But if can’t happen to me right ? Or we’re too small to have issues like this right ?

Here’s a real world example (names and personally identifiable information has been obfuscated) of where DLP would have saved a business $87,000 and the business had less than 10 staff, it wasn’t what you’d call a high profile target, they weren’t NAB or ANZ, just a small privately held business:

It all started with an email (it nearly always starts with an email…)

The business was spear-phished. Claire in accounts was targeted, she was convinced that the dodgy email was from one of their clients. Through the course of a few emails Claire gave out access to financial accounts and other information which proved sufficient for the malicious 3rd party to access financial resources and steal almost $87,000. A good implementation of DLP would have stopped this from occurring as Claire would not have been able to email the account details outside the organisation or alerts and other automation’s would have triggered to cause that critical pause in actions to give staff time to verify or think about their actions.

The take away…

Be Proactive, take security seriously, get on the front foot today & implement Data Loss Prevention.

It’s worth noting that with the extra protection of DLP your staff will have less scope to make accidental mistakes data.

DLP will give your staff greater confidence in their daily processes and work flows and they’ll be more confident in their work. This makes for happier staff and increased productivity.

Your staff genuinely want to do the right thing but they are not machines so they will make mistakes from time to time.

With DLP to catch these incidents your financial exposure and risk are reduced.

Putting DLP to work to protect your data is very powerful and builds business insights.

  • With DLP you’re protected 24×7, every day, even when you’re not there.
  • DLP will protect your business data even when your staff are tired or under pressure; you know, the times when they’re most likely to make mistakes.
  • DLP protects your business from accidental sharing as well as intentional or malicious actions.

Even if a user account is compromised the data within reach of that account is still protected by DLP preventing it being extricated from the Office 365 platform.

DLP includes more than 40 templates, ready to help you meet your regulatory, HR or other policy needs and we can create custom protection policies just for your business.

DLP protects Australian data with specific protection policies for:

  • Australian Financial Data including:
    • SWIFT Code
    • Australia Tax File Number
    • Australia Bank Account Number
    • Credit Card Number
  • Australian Health Records Act (HRIP Act):
    • Australia Tax File Number
    • Australia Medical Account Number
  • Australian Privacy Act:
    • Australia Driver’s License Number
    • Australia Passport Number
  • Australian Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data:
    • Australia Tax File Number
    • Australia Driver’s License Number

Why is DLP such a hot topic, why is EVERY business in Australia concerned about Data Loss ?

Recent changes in our Australian Privacy regulations make it clear that privacy is not a luxury, it’s everyone’s right and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) now requires those responsible for data to report data breaches publicly with penalties for failure to report.

Nobody wants to be in the press in those circumstances, such reports can have a dramatic impact on your brand and impact your bottom line.

Do you know what sensitive information is leaving your business right now? DLP can tell you.

DLP is just one element of the comprehensive, end to end data security and protections we implement for our clients.

Solve Business Services add value by customising DLP to fit your business needs.
For example: You may have a secure portal you need to upload data into such as a financial adviser needing to email Client sensitive data into XPLAN or the Bookkeeper needing to email invoices and receipts to HubDoc…
These exceptions can be allowed while still maintaining a high level of protection.

Contact Solve Business Services, we’ll get an experienced Office 365 Professional to show you how DLP can benefit your business.

Show me how DLP can benefit my business

More info about The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and Data Breaches:

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) defines a Data Breach as being “when personal information held by an organisation is lost or subjected to unauthorised access or disclosure” but further qualifies data breaches by adding the extra classification of “Notifiable” or “Eligible” when a Data Breach involves personal information that is likely to result in serious harm to any individual affected. This is discussed at length here.

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