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Time to retire Windows 7

The world is a very different place now compared to July 2009 when Microsoft released Windows 7.

In the same month Microsoft released Windows 7, Apple released their iPhone 3Gs, Facebook had 242 million users.

We’re now about to see the Apple release the iPhoneXs and X+ (rumoured to have 512GB of storage) and we see Facebook running about 2.23 Billion users… and since Windows 7 Microsoft have released 8, 8.1 and now 10. Even Windows 10 is several versions new too (they release a major revision at least annually). So as all these change so too does our device and security requirements and the demands we make on the operating system and our computers is radically different now, we need Windows 10 to remain productive and secure.

After January 14, 2020 nobody should be running Windows 7, this is when Microsoft cease even extended support for Windows 7 meaning no more security patches.

It’s worth also noting that Windows 7 has been in Extended Support mode since January 13, 2015.

Under Extended Support there are no routine feature releases or productivity releases, only the most basic security fixes. This means Windows 7 has not had a feature enhancement since Jan 13, 2015 because it’s been in “extended support” mode which means ONLY Security Patches are provided.

How about real world, can I wait until 2020 ?

You most certainly should not wait until 2020 to upgrade, though this date is important, it’s not all about product support life cycles.

The modern tools we use every day need the secure, integrated cloud aware operating system that is Windows 10 Professional. Windows 10 is where Microsoft are putting their focus & support.

You need to Windows 10 to leverage the full power of Office365. Even old versions of Mac OS are not keeping up, they too need to upgrade.

We advise clients every day that to work securely NOW, using the most appropriate tools they need to invest in the underlying platform to set them up for success and enable security as just an integrated part of the solution. In these cloud connected times with Apps and this connected to that you just cannot be truly effective and secure with Windows 7 running your PC.

Then when you consider a lot of the modern software just won’t even install on Windows 7 it really makes it hard to justify staying on Windows 7.

Microsoft Office 2019 will not install on Windows 7 and if you have Office365 and Windows 7 then you’re stuck on the current software until you move to Windows 10.

That means on Windows 7 you’ll miss out on all the new productivity tools and time saving features and the world will leave you behind but the hackers will view you as easy prey!

Windows 7 is 9 years old and will be retired by Microsoft around it’s 10th birthday.

You would not keep a phone this long so don’t put your whole business at risk by continuing along with Windows 7.

So what can I do ?

If you still have a Windows 7 computer you should plan to upgrade this as soon as you can.

Moving to a Windows 10 PC will give you years of trouble free service and improved productivity for you and your whole team. Most modern Windows 10 computers feature things like fast boot time, solid state disks, long battery life and built in security.

Reach out to us for assistance, we will get you from Windows 7 to Windows 10 without any fuss.

We’re a Microsoft Partner and we know Office365 and cloud. We set our customers up for success and arm them with backup across their devices and cloud services and we integrate security into their systems in the process. Ask us about training too, we can deliver targeted focused self paced Office365 Training for your organisation.

Managed IT from Solve Business Services, it just makes sense. 0390054686

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