If you are struggling with endless lists and pieces of paper and sticky notes then here’s a solution for you.

Microsoft To-Do is now integrated with Outlook Tasks and Flags!

Simply flagging a message in Office365 Mail (web or Outlook) or your mobile App will add it to a central list making it easy to carry your list everywhere. This also allows you to never forget to followup on an email every again because it will be in your To-Do list… Of course marking them as complete will also mark them as complete everywhere too.

Here’s Outlook for iOS and how to FLAG a message to add it to To-Do

Flagging and UnFlagging in Outlook for iOS

Flagging and UnFlagging in Outlook for iOS

Here’s the PC App showing a message Flagged from the Outlook App on an iOS deviceHere’s Outlook on a PC showing the same message, Flagged and un-Flagged

Getting Started with the Microsoft To-Do

To get started simply login on your Microsoft Office Online portal and locate the ToDo App, you may have to scroll through the apps to find it…

You can use the Waffle Menu to see the full list of AppsScroll to To-Do:Once you open the Web App you will be offered the option to Show List or not now… Choose “Show List”

If you have already been using To-Do via the web app then you can check your settings in To-Do and enable “Flagged Email”

Within the To-Do Web App click the Gears Icon near your name to locate the settings

Within Settings you can enable “Flagged Email”

Exploring the To-Do on the web

Here’s the App showing on the App Launcher

Here’s the To-Do App loaded

To-Do is FREE from the Windows 10 Store

Once Installed To-Do on the PC looks like this

Give To-Do a try

it’s easy to use & you will have your tasks under control in no time!

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